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Event catering


As a catering and events expert, your business means you have to keep on changing. You are always on the lookout for garments that are spotlessly clean and the right fit for your casual employees, along with top-notch tablecloths for your events. Elis helps provide the leading-edge, personalized service that your customers expect.

Why choose Elis?

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    Service flexibility

    Does your catering activity change with the seasons, starting with every day a new blank canvas? If so, you can count on Elis’ support whatever the occasion. Our dense geographical network and regional organization mean we can provide you with bespoke, reliable service that’s responsive to your every need.

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    Tip-top tablecloths

    Whether you’re providing an intimate cocktail party as part of a wedding, or a grand buffet at a corporate event, you can count on Elis for all your banqueting needs. We’ll set you up with tablecloths meeting your expectations, regardless of the footage you need, the equipment available, and the level of luxury required.

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    A reasonable investment

    Renting your linen rather than buying it will allow you to optimize your overheads and expand your offer. Our bespoke rental solutions help lighten your load in terms of inventory management, and also make it easier for you to launch or develop your business at lower cost.

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    Consistent quality

    Because your customers expect outstanding service, whatever the event, Elis helps you maintain a consistent level of quality for your catering services. We provide you with spotlessly clean, pressed and folded professional table linen, as well as elegant catering clothes for your waiting staff and those in the kitchen. 

Our markets


Full table service restaurants

Your restaurant’s reputation is paramount for you. You know how to stand out from the competition with inventive menus, high-quality products, excellent service, and so on. Your high standards are also clear from the hygiene and the quality...

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QSR & Bars

Whether you are a fast food professional, a bar owner or a manager, you want to maintain a high level of quality so that your daily clothing and textiles are always spotless, and you don’t have to worry about them...

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Restauration Collective

Contract catering

Every day, you want your customers to have the best meal possible. Our service will ensure your employees’ clothes are always perfect, accompanied by top-quality tablecloths and napkins to meet the strict hygiene requirements...

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